Verbeeck’s Battle
Surprises in the Conservation Lab

National Gallery of Art

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National Gallery of Art

Verbeeck’s Battle: Surprises in the Conservation Lab, the first of several films for the National Gallery of Art, conveys the remarkable discoveries made when the museum restored two Dutch marine paintings by Cornelis Verbeeck. 

Curator Arthur Wheelock is seen in the Painting Conservation Lab and in his office (overlooking the US Capitol) talking about the painting and its surprising history; Senior Painting Conservator Michael Swicklik is interviewed and seen cleaning, in-painting and retouching the Verbeeck in the Painting Conservation Lab; and, Frame Conservator Richard Ford discusses the choices made in framing the reunited piece.

With beautiful behind-the-scenes footage, viewers learn how museum staff discovered that the two separate marine battle paintings were, in fact, originally one painting.

We followed up with a series of short films on the works in the National Gallery of Art's amazing Dutch galleries.