The NBOA Difference

National Business Officers Association

An annual convention can be an effective, economical moment to shoot a film.

Our long time client, which represents independent school business officer, took advantage of having all of its board members and most enthusiastic supporters in the same place at the same time at their meeting.

So, over just a day and a half, we conducted interviews with 19 separate people — and came up with a unique beautiful “look” for each interview.

We used the additional half-day to shoot a great variety of b-roll footage at various annual meeting events. And the final seven minute film, told entirely through the words of our interviewees, is now being used for membership recruitment and retention.

But the client then took advantage of resources we provided to create a social media campaign with short clips from the film as well as a vibrant print ad campaign. After they selected soundbites from our drafts, we provided high definition freeze frames from those interviews and NBOA
combined them into more than a dozen attractive ads — and they created both campaigns at no additional cost.