Telling Stories Around the World

January 5, 2020

18-Screen Video Wall
Boeing Distribution Services

VideoArt produced the dynamic 8K film showcased on an 18-screen video wall in the lobby of the Boeing Distribution Services headquarters in Miami.

Working with Digiscura as executive producers, VideoArt scripted and filmed on-location in the 8K format, enabling full screen images across the video wall.  In post-production, we created  four dynamic films (one for each customer base of the client) that combine custom shot footage with stock in a dynamic mosaic that seamlessly flows across the 18-screen canvas. 

With cinematographer Rob Humphreys we also produced new Customer Success Films now featured on interactives in the facility's Customer Experience Center.

Tabler Station

Proctor & Gamble


How do you tell the story of a Fortune 50 company’s largest manufacturing site in the world — and do it before the plant has been built? That was the challenge when Martin Huberman and crew were hired to work for Proctor & Gamble quickly creating a fast-paced piece to internally promote their new manufacturing plant being built on 500 acres in West Virginia.

The company wanted to highlight not only the exciting opportunity of being part of a start-up, but also to counteract some of the popular myths about West Virginia.

Working with StudioNow, we put together a quick shoot, we did more than a dozen interviews and shot b-roll footage in several locations, created original animations and delivered a short film on-time and on-budget to a very satisfied client.

Soy Isla  Phillips Collection

For over twenty years, VideoArt has been profiling the work of artists for museums like the National Gallery of Art, the Leiden Collection and many of the Smithsonian Institution museums . 

Our latest piece, for the Phillips Collection took us to San Juan, Puerto Rico for film on the artist Zilia Sanchez for the artist’s career retrospective exhibition Soy Isla (I am an Island) which started at the Phillips — and is now at the El Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico. 

In the film, the charismatic 92-year old artist tells her own story. And, highlighted by an original score by George Fu, we see her at work behind the scenes, looking through her archives, at her beloved beach, and in the studio she is rebuilding after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Other museum exhibitions featuring VideoArt films:
Echoes of the Great War at the Library of Congress
•One Year:1968 at the National Portrait Gallery
•A film for the Leiden Collection's touring exhibition
  and a film on their latest Rembrandt acquisition.