GE Measurement and Control

VideoArt created 20 original films for GE’s Measurement & Control division.

The films play globally at nine “Customer Application Centers,” high-tech business-to-business stores for GE customers.

The main film, Who We Are, features the people of Measurement & Control telling their own story in personal interviews, showing employees who are passionate about helping customers solve challenges. 

Director Martin Huberman and cinematographer Rob Humphreys gave the films their polished look-and-feel, while still revealing the unique character of facilities in eleven sites across the U.S.

When customers exit the CACs, they view three large format LCD screens with looping film of beautiful original visuals of real world industry application of MCS equipment — Oil & Gas, Power, Mining & Metals, Aerospace, Healthcare and Transportation.  

We also produced several films that tell the story of the different industries served by GE M&C through Success Stories. Each industry is represented by a highly stylized film that brings to life a costumer's particular challenge — and featuring how GE made the critical difference.