A Century in the Making

Centennial Campaign Film
St. Albans School

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St. Albans School

This 15-minute emotional, evocative award-winning film was produced for the renowned school’s building capital campaign, which coincided with the school’s 100th anniversary.

Because St. Albans found the film to be such an effective fundraiser, the DVD was sent to every living graduate of the school as well as other prospective donors. In fact St. Albans was so happy with it that they hired us to shorten the piece for admissions’ use.

The piece features beautiful footage shot by Martin Huberman, well-chosen historic stills to illustrate the school’s 100-year history, and no narrator — instead, the entire story is told in through the words and voices of people involved with the school.

Also setting the piece apart are the judicious use of shots from a 30’ jib and the inspiring music of composer Robert Xavier Rodriguez.

According to the our client, “the standing ovation by our tear-filled alumni spoke volumes as to the success of the film.”