Delivering Creative Solutions

March 4, 2021



When the Smihsonian's National Portrait Gallery opened its major exhibition "Every Eye Is Upon Me: First Ladies of the United States," museum visitorship was severely impacted by the pandemic. So they turned to VideoArt to bring the exhibition to life for their online visitors. We accomplished everything with just one economical day of shooting. Then, in post-production, all films were tightly edited with additional video and stills and open-captioned in English and Spanish. And we delivered:
• 10-minute curator's tour of exhibition highlights
 10-minute steadicam walkthrough
• 30-minute sit-down interview between the curator and an expert
 5-minute IGTV film for Smithsonian social media



Our long-time client had a problem. Because of the pandemic, it was impossible to get curators together in the same location for a planned film. Our solution was to create two films, one would be an engaging remote conversation between the two curators — and the other would be a tightly-edited 5-minute film in the same style as our previous pre-pandemic Leiden Collection films. During their remote conversation, we had socially-distanced cameramen filming high-quality video and sound of the speakers in both New York and at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington. Meanwhile, in our offices, we recorded the Zoom at high quality as well. Finally, in post-production, we added stills and music and created two separate successful films. Problem solved.



 We are excited to be working once again with the Library of Congress on the media for the upcoming exhibition “That’s Showbiz: Hollywood, Hope, and Fame.” Leading a team that including D&P, Digiscura and SM&W, we’ll be delivering all films, interactives and A/V integration.
 We are also honored to be managing an exciting project for the new Capital Jewish Museum. Working with Northern Light Productions, we will tell the story of the museum’s centerpiece — its historic 1876 sanctuary, which we'll bring to life with innovative video projections, audio pieces, lighting and interactives when the museum opens in 2022.


 When a Virginia food bank wanted us to help tell their story, Martin Huberman turned back to his tv news experience interviewing their clients, leading to viewers hearing from a grateful young lady who had previously been a volunteer for the organization but now has to turn to them for help.
 When a national law firm asked us to produce an animated film, we directed the entire process from start to finish, from working with the animators and narrators, to polishing the script, to adding music and sound effects, we delivered the finished project on-time and on-budget in less than four weeks.
 And when an innovative therapeutic company was rolling out their experimental COVID treatment, they called on VideoArt to tell their story.